The Divisional Societies of Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Raipur and Rewa were the single handed result of our very own Dear Professor Emeritus Dr. R. K. Mishra’s efforts in fraternization with Dr. Santok Singh (Bhopal), Dr. M. L. Agarwal (Gwalior), Dr. M. L. Nahata (Indore), Dr. I. M. Shukla (Raipur) and Dr. Shrivastava (Rewa).

Dr. R. K. Mishra, at an A.I.O.S conference, was surprised to note that little or no representation could be seen at the National level from our State of Madhya Pradesh. It was from this observation that he learnt that it was absolutely necessary to form these Divisional Societies.

Taking this into consideration, along with the other four Divisional Societies was born the Jabalpur Divisional Ophthalmologial Society. That was the year 1969. Dr. R. K. Mishra, Dr. S. C. Batalia and Dr. G. D. Hoonka were the three members who formed the Jabalpur Divisional Ophthalmic Society. The first meeting of the JDOS was held at Dr. S. C. Batalia’s residence.

The first meeting of the MP State Ophthalmic Society was held at Dr. S. C. Batalia’s residence along with a representative from Bhopal.

Dr. S. C. Batalia was the first General Secretary, followed by Dr. P. Bhura and Dr. G. D. Hoonka.

Founder members –

  1. Late Professor Dr. R. K. Mishra (President)
  2. Dr. S. C. Batalia (General Secretary)
  3. Dr. G. D. Hoonka (member)
  4. Late Dr. Hafiz Ahmed (member)

Soon after the formation of the five Divisional Societies, the M. P. State Ophthalmological Society was formed.

The first M.P.S.O.S conference in Jabalpur was held in the year 1971 (72 according to other sources).

Office Bearer

Dr Hitesh Agrawal 9827040535
Dr Lalit Shrivastava 9827007520
President Elect
Dr Shashi Jain 9425194657
General Secretary
Dr Gajendra Chawla 9425376207
Joint Secretary
Dr Mita Joshi 8959907688
Chairman Scientific Committee
Dr Vijay Nichlani 9425010313
Dr Saroj Gupta 9926550364
AIOS Managing Committee Members
Dr Purendra Bhasin 9826253351
Dr Mahesh Somani 9425056302

Prof. Dr. R. K. Mishra

Dr. S. C. Batalia

Dr G. D. Hoonka

Dr Hafeez Ahmed