Checklist for Abstract

For Abstract Submission

    1. Is the title descriptive of the abstract? Does the title avoid gratuitous statements and irrelevant information?
    2. Studies barely under way or in which the outcome may be inconclusive should not be submitted.
    3. Scientific abstracts will be evaluated without the knowledge of the name or affiliation of the author. Thus, identifying phrases within the title and abstract itself are not allowed and will result in automatic disqualification of the abstract without evaluation.
    4. Does the abstract contain a concise statement which can be evaluated by an impartial observer, covering the following:
    5. Why did you do the study?
    6. What did you do?
    7. What did you find?
    8. What does it mean?
    9. Abstracts with statements such as, will be done, is underway, will be analyzed will be discussed or No data / Insufficient data – to prove the results, wrong methodology and data acquisition, period of study not given, not enough subjects to draw the conclusion cannot be accepted.
    10. Proof read your abstract? Conciseness, clarity, and care in the preparation of your abstract are important considerations in the Scientific Committee’s deliberations. Misspellings and typographical errors do a disservice to your scientific work. If accepted, your abstract will appear exactly as typed.
    11. Is your abstract within the character limit?


    • Be Sure that you and all your Co Authors are members of MPSOS
    • Changing the Authorship is not permitted.