General Guidlines


Abstract submission begins from 15th April 2021

Instructions are attached. Chairperson Scientific Committee can be contacted if this email is not received due to incorrect email address or unable to access / upload on internet and / or wish to do manual submission of the abstract forms.

Declaration to be provided:

The following points has to be declared while submitted the abstract.

  • The presenting work has to be original and has to be done in MP only. Work done outside state will not be considered for any kind of presentation
  • Has this submission won any National / International Award?
  • Was this submission published or submitted for publication in any peer reviewed journal.
  • Abstract submission begins from 15th April 2021.

             Online submission can be made by visiting MPSOS.ORG

             Handwritten abstracts will not be accepted.

  • Change of the title / topics / duration is NOT possible once the paper has been submitted.
  • Type he author and co-authors names exactly as they paper in the MPSOS records.
  • As a policy, we do NOT allow any change, presenters / authors. In case of any unavoidable circumstances for any change, permission must be obtained in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the conference from the chairman, scientific Committee the chief presenting author.
  • While submitting check your complete mailing address, email id, mobile no. is filled correctly.
  • Each presenting author can submit in all two of free Paper / Posters / Videos
  • Faculty presentations – Maximum total numbers of presentations allowed is four, any TWO from (free paper / Videos / Posters) & TWO from faculty scientific talk.
  • Not more than 3 co-authors are allowed in a Paper / Poster / Video.
  • Free Paper duration is 6 minutes only.
  • All free Paper / Poster / Video awards will be given to the Presenting author only.
  • If presenting author is not a ratified member, Paper / Poster / Video will not be evaluated for any MPSOS award.
  • No change in presenting authors is allowed during free paper and video sessions.
  • Institution / Hospital affiliation and Doctor’s name in the title or abstract is not to be mentioned, it will lead to automatic rejection.
  • Abstracts must have at least a society member as an author / co-author.


Send all abstract online, while submitting, please check your MPSOS membership No., complete mailing address, email id, mobile number etc. are correctly filled.

One Presenting Author can submit two abstracts only in each – Free Paper /Poster /Video

Submission deadline will be STRICTLY adhered to.

If full text is not submitted by last date, accepted paper will not allowed to be presented during the annual conference.

Only ratified MPSOS Members are eligible for any Award.



By your submission it is understood that the society holds copyright on all abstracts printed in the preliminary and final programmes and the material presented at the conference and that you permit the society to copy & reproduce the material in any form for distribution.


After accepting to be a Chairman, Co-chairman, Convenor, Moderator, Judge or speaker in a particular session: absenting yourself without valid reason and intimation to the scientific committee will be viewed most seriously. This causes greatest disruption & dissatisfaction among the delegates. So please do not commit yourself to any involvement unless you are adhering to it.




  • Free Papers, Posters & Video abstract submission :15th Aug 2021
  • Video CDs submission : 15th Aug 2021
  • MPSOS honorary award submission : 31 Aug 2021
  • Free Paper Poster video selection announcement : 15th Sept 2021
  • Submission of the full text of selected Free Papers : 15th Oct 2021




If accepted as a paper / poster/ video for presentation at MPSOS conference, the full text of the presentation along with short CV and colour passport size photograph must be emailed to the Chairperson, scientific Committee


Before 31st August 2021




All the SELECTED BEST PAPERS from each session will be included In Best of Best Paper session

The selected paper from this session will be submitted to AIOS for the presentation in the next AIOC.



     Paper or poster

 The scientific committee suggests that the paper or poster option provides the author with optimum opportunity to present his or her work. If this option is selected, the abstract will be considered first as a Paper and if not accepted, it will then be evaluated as a Poster OR E Poster  

A Poster is a traditional board. Poster may include text, figures, tables and images. Poster should contain information on the following:

Introduction, Material and Methods, Discussions, Results and Conclusions.


Poster Size- 4’x3’ (Portrait / Vertical) will be displayed in an area specific at the conference venue.          Selected posters can be viewed any time during the conference

Scientific Posters have the following characteristics:

  • These are presented by individuals rather than by organizations.
  • They presented scientific material, usually new information.
  • Do not solicit member or promote an organization

                                VIDEO SUBMISSIONS

  • The videos should not exceed 6 minutes duration including title and credits.
  • The video must include narration, music alone will not be accepted
  • VIDEOS will be judged according to educational value, originality and expert use of the medium.
  • Last date for video abstract submission online is 15th
  • Send 3 CDs of the video (with voice) in MPEG1 format to

Dr V K Nichlani

Chairman Scientific Committee

S V Eye Care and Lasik Centre

C 222, Shahpura, Bhopal MP 462013

    • VIDEOS will not be returned Chairman Scientific Committee needs them for the proceedings. Hence, keep a copy for your record Don’t send the original.